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Multi-disciplinary interactive designer and programmer. Experienced in managing, designing and writing code for elegant interactive projects in stressful environments all while meeting deadlines. Passionate about developing and designing for video games.


Technical Competencies

Software Development – C/C++/C#/Python/MongoDB/MySQL

Game Development – Unreal Engine, Unity

Graphics Programming – OpenGL, Shader Programming,

Web Technologies – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL, PlayCanvas, React.js, Express.js

2D Design and Art – Photoshop

3D Modeling and Texturing- Maya, Substance Painter

Video Software – Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro

Soft Skills



Public Speaking





Virtuos— R&D Engineer

May 2019- PRESENT

  • Involved in the design, implementation and optimization of deep learning applications that advance the state of  3D content authoring tools for the entertainment industry.
  • Develop applications using cutting edge technologies such as supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, convolutional neural networks and computer vision algorithms. Applying them to video games assets, production resources and their pipeline.

Freelance — Web Developer


  • Designed and programmed in React.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for a wide variety of Corporate, E-Commerce and Personal Websites.
  • Managed client expectations and timeline efficiently, producing professional front-facing websites for their customers.

Kaiju Den Pte Ltd— Technical Generalist


  • Developed a web based AR, VR and Geolocational mobile game in collaboration with a local children’s TV series.
  • Worked in Javascript to design and implement core features of the game frontend.
  • Setup and configured a AWS backend server for the user database/registration/login and game analytics. 

Singapore Armed Forces — Training Officer


  • Led a total of 160 officer cadets across two batches, ensuring their discipline while motivating them through tough times.  
  • Planned and executed multiple training exercises simulating real life combat situations while ensuring the safety of those placed in my charge.

Veldis Experience Pte Ltd — Programing Intern

MARCH 2012 – JUNE 2012

  • Worked on a full body motion tracking VR training simulation for the Republic of Singapore Air Force.
  • Being a small company, I took on large responsibilities in the company, often programming major features. I worked together with remote programmers in order to ensure milestone completion.
  • Acted as a liaison between the RSAF and Veldis Experience. I was tasked to conduct and set up demonstrations at an air base for high ranking personnel.


INHERITANCE — Producer and Technical Lead,  Senior Project at Digipen Institute of Technology

Spring – Summer 2018

  • Managed a team of 6-8 through to develop a 3D first person horror exploration game using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Adopted an Agile project management methodology, enforcing weekly scrum deadlines, Kanban task boards and facilitating meetings.
  • Found solutions to various issues we faced when the lead artist left the team due to personal reasons.

TEMPOLAND — Technical Lead,  Sophomore Project at Digipen Institute of Technology

Fall 2016

  • Implemented a 3D render and game engine in C++  to enable 2D gameplay in a 3D environment.
  • Implemented a 2D Level Editor which allowed designers to efficiently places props and design levels.
  • Implement an efficient art and audio pipeline for the Level Editor enabling artist and sound designers to autonomously include their assets into the editor and game.

VR TRAINING SIMULATOR — Intern,  Internship at Veldis Experience Pte Ltd

Spring 2013

  • Developed a elegant cost effective solution to detecting if a hand is grabbing an object in virtual reality using active IR finger tracking markers when certain markers are occluding when clenching fist, all while maintaining a required 90 fps.

CHRONONAUTS — Producer and Technical Lead,  Final Year Project at Nanyang Polytechnic

Spring 2013

  • Technical Lead and Producer for a team of six working on a 3D puzzle platformer for the Sony Playstation 3 and PSVita.
  • Pipeline Optimization. Wrote a custom script to convert to DDS format images following strict image formats given by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Gameplay Optimization. Halfway through production we were given the instruction to also publish on the PSVita and as such I had to optimize a large amount of code to now target 60 fps on a much less powerful PSVita portable device.


Digipen Institute of Technology (Singapore)

— Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) in Computer Science, Real Time Interactive Simulations with a minor in mathematics.

Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore)

— Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games)
MARCH 2010 – MARCH 2013

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