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Project Description

“A house that someone has died in can never be sold or inherited.”

Inheritance is set in one such house. Playing as a distant nephew who inherited the house, you slowly find our why this saying holds true. Explore the house and learn about the horrifying events that conspired.

3D Psychological Horror and Exploration
6 Team Members
Unreal Engine 4, C++
Jan 2018 – Aug 2018, 8 Months
Being a Producer

I was also simultaneously the Producer for this project and had to manage the timeline and expectations of lecturers.
As a team, we adopted the tried and proven Scrum methodology to software development method and i took on the role of the ScrumMaster.

As the producer, here are a couple of the things i did:

  • Conducted weekly sprint review meetings.
  • Conducted daily stand up meetings.
  • Identified tasks, categorized them and allocated them to team members based on individual strengths.
  • Kept tabs on individual tasks via use of Kanban board.
  • Created condensed milestone reports for lecturers each milestone.
  • Managed and motivated the team through the entire Game Development cycle, from Proof of Concept to Gold.
Being a Technical Lead

As technical lead, I was in charge of the entire technical direction of the game and i personally took charge of the more technical aspects of building a 3D first person game.

As the Technical Lead and programmer my tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Developing specific material shaders as per Artist requirements.
  • Developing a Behavioral Tree based Artificial Intelligence for the Ghost in the game.
  • Physically accurate Doors and Drawers.
  • Inverse Kinematics for greater immersion when interacting with objects in the world.
  • Setting up lighting and rendering settings in accordance with artists and designers visions
  • Optimization to allow game to run at >90fps. (We were originally targeting VR)
Being a Being a Technical Artist

Things I Did as a Technical Artist:

  • 3D model Optimization.
  • 3D modeling and texturing
  • PBR Materials Creation
  • PBR Material Workflow (Maya + Substance Designer + Substance Painter)
  • Setting Guidelines and workflow for artist.
  • Oversaw outsourcing of art.
  • Visual Effects
    • Vector Flow Field based particles.
    • Shader to simulate Black Goo oozing.
    • Shader to simulate going crazy
    • Shader to simulate glitchy effects
    • Shader to simulate headache
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